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The Human Centered Brand:
A Practical Guide to Being Yourself in Business

I wrote down everything I think small business owners and creatives should know about branding. The result is this comprehensive guide that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients and your audience.

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Human Centered Branding is a journey

Creating remarkable brands requires vision, time, and the willingness to dig deep.

I’m dedicated to helping a select number of clients with all their branding and design needs, using a process that reliably gives results: beautiful, meaningful, and lasting brands.

My signature process takes you through four main stages:


Human Centered Brand Strategy

Guiding you towards clarity and confidence, and starting the transformative process towards a remarkable brand


Brand Identity Design

Original and meaningful logo and brand identity based on your authentic core values


WordPress Website Design

Beautiful WordPress design and development for websites that impress your audience


Continued Collaboration

Eye-catching print and web graphics provided at the pace that your business needs

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Find your own answers & solve problems through journaling

Find your own answers & solve problems through journaling

The habit of turning to outside sources every time we need an answer trains us to lose trust in our own judgement. It’s great to have mentors and teachers, but at the same time we need to be able to trust ourselves. So what’s the alternative? How do we find our own answers and become empowered decision makers? Let me share my secret tool with you. Except it’s not a secret. Read more...

Can great branding really help you earn more money?

Can great branding really help you earn more money?

Branding can be a significant financial investment and as savvy small business owners we need to ask ourselves: is it worth it? Will we actually receive enough of a financial benefit to justify that cost? In this article I explain how branding can encourage clients to see our business as a better choice, and share an exercise to help you see where you may be losing clients. Read more...

Doorways of inspiration

Doorways of inspiration

How is it that sometimes I can be so full of inspiration and drive to create, but other times I can’t even get myself off the couch? Why is it so difficult to remain in the state of forward momentum? How could I reinvigorate that creative spark after the fire has died out? I’ve tried to answer all of these questions, and more, in this essay. Read more...

Fact-checking 13 MLM myths about business

Fact-checking 13 MLM myths about business

I'm tired of seeing misleading claims that multi-level marketing companies are spreading about business, so I want to raise awareness of how damaging those myths are. Starting a small business from scratch is many times more likely to lead to profits than joining an MLM, and the small business ecosystem is way more supportive than any MLM team. Read more...

How to get clients to see you as an expert

How to get clients to see you as an expert

How can service based business owners convince clients to hire us, instead of someone else? One of the most persuasive ways is to claim an expertise in a narrow field. In this article I’ll explain what it takes to be an expert, and how to demonstrate your expertise to your clients. Read more...

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