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The Human Centered Brand by Nela Dunato

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The Human Centered Brand:
A Practical Guide to Being Yourself in Business

I wrote down everything I think small business owners and creatives should know about branding. The result is this comprehensive guide that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients and your audience.

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Branding is a journey, not a destination

Creating remarkable brands requires vision, time, and willingness to dig deep. I'm dedicated to helping a select number of clients with all their branding and design needs, using a process that reliably gives results: beautiful, meaningful, and lasting brands.

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1. Brand Strategy Consulting

Get clear, confident, and ready to transform into a remarkable brand

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Beautiful WordPress design and development for websites that inform and delight

4. Continued Design Collaboration

Eye-catching print and web graphics provided at the pace that your business needs

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“Nela was fabulous to work with! Somehow, she was able to take my vague guidance and turn it into an image that was not only exactly what I had in mind, but was even better than anything I could have imagined! I was blown away at her creativity.”

Nadia Setzer

Owner of Wild Woman Journeys

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12 uncomfortable truths about doing creative work for a living

12 uncomfortable truths about doing creative work for a living

I started earning money with my creative skills when I was 19 years old, and have been running my own design consultancy since 2014. I admit that I got into this career with some unrealistic expectations, and I learned many lessons that no one warned me about. If you’re still early in your career or studying in a creative field, consider this post as a warning so you can decide whether this is something you’re willing to accept as a part of your life. Read more...

Rebranding 101: Why & how to update your existing brand

Rebranding 101: Why & how to update your existing brand

Whenever designers create a brand for an organization, we want it to be long-lasting. What’s the point of doing it if you’re going to scrap it in a year or two? The challenge here is that in order to create a long-lasting brand, the information designers and brand strategists are working with has to be accurate and future-proof. Unfortunately, new businesses often base the information they give designers on lots of assumptions, which may or may not prove to be correct in a couple of years time. Businesses grow and evolve, and a brand may get outdated even if you did everything “right” the first time. Read more...

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