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Latest blog articles

Job titles are overrated: My life as a Jane-of-all-trades

Puttyfest thumb

When I was a kid, I was changing my answer every week. I wanted to be an astronaut (of course), a paleontologist, an archeologist, a medical doctor, an actor, a molecular biologist... After a while I've settled on the fact that I'll be working 'something with computers'. To learn more about how and why I got into art, read this post. Read more...

Case Study: Rikon Logo Design Process

Rikon logo thumb

Rikon is a sci-fi and fantasy convention held annually in Rijeka, Croatia. Even though it has a longstanding tradition (since 1997), it never had a logo. I set out on a task to create a logo design and branding guidelines for this convention that caters to a variety of interests and age groups. See my logo design process from sketch to finish! Read more...