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“Nela was fabulous to work with! Somehow, she was able to take my vague guidance and turn it into an image that was not only exactly what I had in mind, but was even better than anything I could have imagined! I was blown away at her creativity.”

Nadia Setzer

Owner of Wild Woman Journeys

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Why I hate personal development blogs

Why I hate personal development blogs thumb

You know which blogs I mean. You’ve probably read them, too. Those blogs that feature a new post every day of the week – a post that looks and feels exactly the same like the post from the day before, and if you've read one, you've read them all. Those blogs that seem to talk a lot, yet say very little. Those blogs that are listed on every life coach’s sidebar under the title “As seen in”.
I wanted to like them. I truly tried to enjoy them, but I just couldn’t. One by one, I unsubscribed from those blogs, and continued my search for meaning without them. And what a great decision that was.
What triggered me so much that I want to dedicate 2000+ words to this now?
An epiphany.

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