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Latest blog articles

How To Write A Design Brief And Be A Glorious Client

How to write a design brief thumb

Often when I'm talking with new clients about their goals for the branding or website design project, they half-apologetically say something along the lines of 'I'm not sure what I want in terms of design'. What they really wonder is, how do I convey my ideas to a designer if I'm not a visual type? I'm telling you that you don't need to worry about that. Read more...

What's in my sketching toolkit?

Sketching toolkit thumb

Let's welcome the new outdoor sketching season with a little art supplies geekout! I'm always voyeuristically scavenging blogs and Pinterest to see what sketching tools other artists are using. I've only mentioned my sketching kit once before on this blog, so I decided to create a post about this topic alone. Read more...

The right-brained lie and the false creative-logical divide

Right brained lie thumb

I'm getting a fed up with the right/left brain myth that became so ingrained in our culture. Rarely anyone outside of the scientific world is even questioning it, and it's even more pronounced in our creative circles where people wear the right-brained label like a badge of honor. I'm sure many people won't agree with what I have to say on this topic, and even my best friends and most loyal readers might find this idea in opposition to their views. But I cannot in good conscience support the story I feel is inaccurate and harmful. Read more...

Letting go of old dreams

Letting go of old dreams thumb

Writing about topics like these always invokes a lot of fear and self-worth issues in me, so I've refrained from publishing this post for a good long while. What if giving up on old dreams translates as being flaky, lazy and not able to finish anything? But usually when I get cold feet about publishing something, it turns out there is a bunch of people who feel exactly the same and are so glad to see someone else writing about it, because they too are a bit embarrassed to admit it. Read more...

Month Of Fairies: Final week & lessons learned

Month of Fairies thumb

For the entire month of November I've been drawing a fairy a day and posting it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #MonthOfFairies. Today I'm sharing my works from the last week, along with some things I've learned by working on this project. Read more...