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“Nela was fabulous to work with! Somehow, she was able to take my vague guidance and turn it into an image that was not only exactly what I had in mind, but was even better than anything I could have imagined! I was blown away at her creativity.”

Nadia Setzer

Owner of Wild Woman Journeys

Fresh from the blog

Sketchbook flip video: Sketchbook West art show

Sketchbook flip video: Sketchbook West art show thumb

As you may know, one of my favorite activities is drawing inside sketchbooks, and today I'm sharing another sketchbook flip video with you. "Sketchbook West" is an art exhibition coming this February to Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach (CA). If you're not able to be there and see my sketchbook in person, check out my video. Read more...

How my 31 day social media fast went

My 31 day social media fast thumb

During the month of December 2015 I decided not to use social media, read blogs, watch videos, or listen to podcasts. What I hoped to achieve was to get some clear head space and dedicate more time to exploring my personal art. It was also a nice way to wrap up the year and make sure that what I’m doing in my business is what I really want to be doing. You’re probably curious to hear what it was like, so here we go. Read more...

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