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Latest blog articles

Case Study: Rikon Logo Design Process

Rikon logo thumb

Rikon is a sci-fi and fantasy convention held annually in Rijeka, Croatia. Even though it has a longstanding tradition (since 1997), it never had a logo. I set out on a task to create a logo design and branding guidelines for this convention that caters to a variety of interests and age groups. See my logo design process from sketch to finish! Read more...

Sell Your Idea Before It's Ready

Sell your idea thumb

In the start-up world people often present early concepts of their work because they don't want to put thousands of hours of work and boatloads of money into something that isn't even interesting or useful to other people. And what do most of us do? We wait until we build it — no actually, we wait until we perfect it — and then we show it to the world. Read more...