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The Human Centered Brand:
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I wrote down everything I think small business owners and creatives should know about branding. The result is this comprehensive guide that helps you grow meaningful relationships with your clients and your audience.

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Human Centered Branding is a journey

Creating remarkable brands requires vision, time, and the willingness to dig deep.

I’m dedicated to helping a select number of clients with all their branding and design needs, using a process that reliably gives results: beautiful, meaningful, and lasting brands.

My signature process takes you through four main stages:


Human Centered Brand Strategy

Guiding you towards clarity and confidence, and starting the transformative process towards a remarkable brand


Brand Identity Design

Original and meaningful logo and brand identity based on your authentic core values


WordPress Website Design

Beautiful WordPress design and development for websites that impress your audience


Continued Collaboration

Eye-catching print and web graphics provided at the pace that your business needs

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Is graphic design subjective or objective?

Is graphic design subjective or objective?

Who gets to say whether a design is “good” or “bad”? What are the objective criteria we can use to evaluate the work? Is it appropriate for clients to dictate design decisions, or should it be left up to the experts? In this article, I’ll point out some of the objective and subjective sides of design, and how to make the best of both. Read more...

The truth about dark art + spooky colored pencil drawing process

The truth about dark art + spooky colored pencil drawing process

Have you created any dark art, and are a bit confused because you don’t know where these spooky images are coming from? Or is your loved one creating dark art and you’re worried about their mental health? In this video I’ll help you make sense of dark, spooky, creepy, gory, and macabre art and explain why some people find it so appealing. Read more...

Mixed media sketchbook tour 2016–2021

Mixed media sketchbook tour 2016–2021

I recently completed this 132-page sketchbook that I've been using since 2016, so it's time for another tour video! This ended up being one of my favorites, filled with fantasy portraits, quirky portraits, floral portraits... you get it, a lot of portraits. There's also animal and landscape studies, as well as abstract-ish mixed media experiments and a healthy helping of doodles. Read more...

Art & creativity for mental health & wellbeing + mixed media self-portrait process

Art & creativity for mental health & wellbeing + mixed media self-portrait process

In this episode of Nela’s Art Chat I’m sharing the process of creating a mixed media self-portrait, and discuss how creativity and the arts can improve our mental health and help us maintain a healthy outlook on life, give meaning to our life, and help us deal with daily challenges and grief. I would love for more people to learn about this power of creativity that anyone can use in their life. Read more...

Find your own answers & solve problems through journaling

Find your own answers & solve problems through journaling

The habit of turning to outside sources every time we need an answer trains us to lose trust in our own judgement. It’s great to have mentors and teachers, but at the same time we need to be able to trust ourselves. So what’s the alternative? How do we find our own answers and become empowered decision makers? Let me share my secret tool with you. Except it’s not a secret. Read more...

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