About Nela Dunato

Nela Dunato

Hello, fellow creative dreamer!

I'm Nela Dunato, a multi-passionate visionary artist, designer, writer, and teacher from Croatia (EU). My mission is to empower creative people to express themselves authentically in their life and business.

I help passion-driven service-based businesses and independent creatives by crafting expressive brand identities and exceptional client experiences. Among my clients are writers, musicians, artisans, coaches, consultants, inventors, lawyers, and non-profits.

I've recently written “The Human Centered Brand”, a book that is to my knowledge the most comprehensive branding book written specifically for service businesses and creatives. I've poured over a decade of experience in design, marketing, business, and personal development into this practical guide in an attempt to teach small business owners everything they need to know about branding.

I've been working as a graphic designer since 2005, and in 2013 I've started my own design consultancy, very creatively named Nela Dunato Art & Design.

I teach graphic design as an Adobe course instructor, lead in-person workshops, and speak at conferences, schools, and companies. I’ve been writing articles about design, branding, marketing, business, and creativity for over a decade.

So that's me in a nutshell, can we talk about you for a minute?

Here's why I think (hope) you're here.

You have brilliant ideas you want to share with the people that get you.

You know that you could reach many more of them through your website and online marketing, but you're overwhelmed just thinking about all the options that exist out there, and how you could possibly stand out in a crowd of similar offers.

You've spent all these years crafting your skills and your offers, and you know you can make a huge difference in other people's lives. You're ready to take the spotlight. Now, if only your brand and your website were up to this task...

You feel a disconnect between what you and your business are like on the inside, and what other people perceive on the outside. While your current brand had served you well up until now, you've overgrown it – you need a new set of better fitting wings to take you further. That's where the art of Human Centered Branding comes in.

Forget relying on passing design trends and cookie-cutter templates.

In my design studio every detail is custom crafted just for you, and your clients will be delighted and impressed by your marketing.

My superpower is combining artistic creativity with technical knowledge and problem solving, and this enables me to create design solutions that are beautiful and functional, and attract not just any clients, but your dream clients.

In over 12 years of professional graphic design experience, I've created visuals for a variety of web and print media. If you need an ally to take care of all your visuals, I'd be happy to accompany you on your business adventure. I'm passionate working on projects that take advantage of my diverse design & artistic skills.

If you're interested in reading tips, in-depth advice and stories from my artistic and entrepreneurial journey, I recommend taking a look at my blog.

My core values

I believe that successful professional relationships rest on a foundation of overlapping core values. Here are my core values, and how they affect my work.


I craft original content with love and care that expresses my unique point of view, and I also encourage others to express themselves creatively.


I’m committed to respecting everyone’s freedom of choice and sovereignty, and encouraging people to make their own best choices. I refuse to limit my own freedom, or the freedoms of my clients and partners. I also refuse using manipulative marketing practices that impede people’s freedom of choice.


I encourage my clients to express their individuality through their business and branding. I refuse to conform to the expectations of other people.


I intentionally cultivate an atmosphere conducive to deep thought and creative problem solving. I avoid forcing the creative process and stifling innovative thinking in order to push things out faster.


I do my best to create conditions for authentic sharing and connecting with my audience and clients. I don’t avoid difficult conversations or gloss over uncomfortable topics because of shame.

If you share some or all of these values, we’d most likely have a great time collaborating!

Nela Dunato

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My meandering creative journey

My career is as a result of years of experimenting and discovering new passions along the way. Designing websites was a favorite pastime of mine as a teenager, and after several years of dabbling in my own projects, I started getting job offers from clients.

At age 19 I got more involved in drawing, painting and digital art. For a while, it was just a hobby — sleepless nights spent watching as my magical and surreal visions came to life.

As I shared my works online, they've found their way to the hearts of art lovers all over the world, and opportunities to exhibit my work and illustrate books opened up. For about 5 years I held a job as a lead designer in several web development agencies and continued to expand my knowledge in design, branding and online marketing.

I kept pursuing my artistic passions on the side and got very curious about the deeper meaning and purpose of human creativity, and contemplated questions such as "What is creativity? Are we really all born creative? How can we use creative expression to improve our lives?" My interest in the intersection of art and personal development grew, and is now the biggest focus of my writing.

The 9-5 office environment just didn't suit my spirit

I've felt constricted in a job description that didn't fit me, and that I was always expected to conform to expectations. I felt there was so much more to me than being a "web designer".

I wanted to grow and use my multiple talents on projects I was passionate about, and I realized that no job in the world would ever give me that.

In September 2013 I embarked on a new journey and founded my own design studio. Now I live a more fulfilling life than ever before, and I'm thrilled to be able to help my clients grow their own businesses in a way that's aligned with their values and brings them joy and fulfillment.

Read all the way down here and looking for my boring formal resume? Read my full resume here.