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Who are you really creating your art for?

Published on at 08:10 in Art, Thoughts

Crucify detail thumb

There was a time when I was concerned about what my art represents, and what it does to the viewers. I was concerned that I was spreading negativity through my art, that I was airing my dirty laundry, and that maybe it wasn't a smart decision. My family's concerns about them possibly looking bad in public cast doubt on my work as well. So there was a phase when I really wasn't sure whether I should publish such art at all. But after I examined this subject from all sides, I decided it's OK for me to publish my art, and that I will continue to do it as long as I feel the need to. Read more...

Use your planner to plan smarter & track your creative cycles

Published on at 16:26 in Tips for creatives, Productivity

Calendar tracking thumb

Today's post is a tip to use your calendar or planner in a different way than you might be used to — instead of just looking forward to things that you planned for the future, you can also look back and learn from it. Companies invest millions of dollars into "big data" research that helps them make decisions that will bring in even more millions, so what can we learn from this example? That data can be extremely useful when we know what to do with it. Read more...

Stop wasting your peak creative time on chores

Published on at 13:04 in Tips for creatives

Creative peak thumb

Did you ever wake up one day super motivated and excited, with your fingers itching to make something today, only to get lost in menial work that isn't really what you had in mind? And then the evening came, and you realized you didn't get to do a single thing today that you were so excited about. But tomorrow morning you aren't really that motivated or excited. You don't really feel like doing any of the stuff you wanted a day earlier, even though you have time to do it. The magic is gone. Yesterday was your super awesome day, and today isn't. That's just the way things are sometimes. Read more...

Case study: Wild Moon Spirit logo design process

Published on at 19:45 in Creative process, Graphic design, Branding

Wild Moon Spirit logo design thumb

When I asked people what they would like to know about logo design so I can write about it, most of them were confused about the process itself, and they didn't know if it's bad if they have no idea what they'd want their logo to look like. In this post I share the entire logo design process for one of my clients, so you can get all the inside info about what goes into making a logo, from sketch to finish. Read more...

Free eBook "Be A Creative Powerhouse" now available!

Published on at 21:19 in Tips for creatives, Freebies

Free eBook Creative Powerhouse thumb

I am so excited to share this new free goodie with you! Download this free workbook and you'll learn: how to get more brilliant ideas, how to keep & organize your ideas and how to turn those ideas into reality. This book is formatted as a series of texts in which I share tips and inspiration, followed by worksheets with exercises so you can take action as soon as possible. Read more...

How To Ask Designers And Illustrators For Help

Published on at 19:38 in Thoughts, Tips for creatives

How to ask illustrators and designers for help thumb

If you're not a visual creative yourself, and you find yourself in need of some design or illustration services for your project, there are two options: pay for them, or try to ask a friend to help you out for free (or cheap). If you opt for the second route, here is a short guide to help you approach your friend in a way that will not endanger your relationship and create resentment on either side. Read more...

Mind Detox Retreat — A Cure For Burnout And Overload

Published on at 21:45 in Thoughts, Productivity

Mind Detox Retreat thumb

On several occasions it appeared to me as if I lost my mojo. I was overworked and too stressed, and even the things I used to love lost their appeal. A practice that helped me get out of this downward spiral was something I now call mind detox retreat. In this post I will reveal what exactly is that I do during this mind detox, what benefits I get from it, and why it might be a good idea to try it, even if you're not a tree-hugging hippy. Read more...

Why I Think Every Visual Creative Should Keep A Sketchbook (+ Video sketchbook flip)

Published on at 13:37 in Art, Tips for creatives, Video

Sketchbooks video thumb

I'm a huge fan of sketchbooks, so I'm very passionate about this subject. I hope that in this post I will give you enough reasons to finally start using them, and of course even if you don't consider yourself a visual creative, sketchbooks are a lot of fun! In the end I'll also share some tips how to get the best from your sketchbook practice, and I'll show you a video of my sketchbook flip. Read more...

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