My personal life musings

2012 review and plans for 2013

I know, it's so tacky to write about this subject at this time of year. I usually make my review and planning around my birthday, and this October I still didn't have a blog. And it sucked, because I didn't like the review. Actually, not having my new website or blog done by my birthday is precisely what frustrated me so much, and pushed me to finally make it happen. Read more...

Rethinking my online identity and personal brand

Rethinking my online identity and personal brand

For a long time I had a separate art portfolio on one domain, and commercial design work on the other. I did it because I wanted my portfolio to be more professional but after I while I realized that it was difficult to maintain. My two domains only illustrated what was evident in my life as well. I was leading a double life — being a proper designer with a day job, and in my free time I was as an independent artist with illustration aspirations. Finally I decided it was time for change... Read more...

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