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Hello, dear new visitor! :)

My name is Nela Dunato, and I go by the nickname Nelchee on various online networks. I’m a mixed media artist, designer and illustrator from Croatia. My creative work includes painting and drawing, illustration, graphic design, web design and also crafts & jewelry design. You can find out more about me and what I do on my Biography page.

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge about the things I've learned with other people, especially as I'm mostly self-taught as well.

On my blog you can find a lot of practical tips on topics such as art, design, productivity, motivation, inspiration and proposed solutions to common problems creatives face.

I also share my creative process from the start to the finished product, which might be especially helpful for those learning about art and design, but also for anyone curious about my work.

Finally, I also share some personal stories that concern common issues for creatives.

The aim of my blog is to inspire and educate creative people, and while most of my content is specific for visual creatives because that's my background, I hope it will also be useful for other creatives such as writers, musicians, performers etc.

I hope that you'll enjoy my blog, and subscribe to my updates!

If there is something you're interested in learning more about, and you think I could help you out with this, feel free to comment on this post, or send me an e-mail. If it's something I’m very familiar with, I might write about it in one of my future posts.

If you want to keep up with the new posts and projects I publish, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter through the form below, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

I hope you'll enjoy my blog and my work!


Nela Dunato

About Nela Dunato

Artist, brand designer, teacher, and writer. Author of the book “The Human Centered Brand”. Owner of a boutique branding & design consultancy that helps experienced service-based businesses impress their dream clients.

On this blog I write about art, design, creativity, business, productivity and marketing, and share my creative process and tips. Read more about me...

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