Revamp Your Brand In One Day

Your creative work is unique and extraordinary – then why is your brand boring?

You may have heard already that a strong brand can help you:

  • stay memorable
  • stand out from other people and companies
  • appear more trustworthy
  • attract your dream clients
  • encourage word-of-mouth referrals
  • and yes, even raise your prices.

But you’re unclear about where or how to start?

You’ve heard a thousand times that that you should “show your personality” in your marketing, but you might be frustrated and unsure on how do you actually do that?

The reason you’re confused is that you haven’t figured out yet what’s unique about you and your work, and how to use this insight in your branding and marketing.

This free mini-class will help you do that – in a single afternoon.

Learn how to let your individuality shine through your brand

During this class, you’ll learn to:

  • identify what makes you & your business unique
  • discern who are the people you really want to attract and how to connect with them
  • choose the ideal colors and fonts for your brand
  • generate new content topics that are entirely on-brand
  • evaluate your current website and promotion channels and fix all off-brand glitches

The result of this class is a list of clear steps you need to do to transform your brand, and text you can copy directly to your website to let your clients know what makes you remarkable.

We’re keeping this short, concise and to the point, because I want to get you moving and implementing stuff as soon as possible.

What you’ll get

A 10-minute video class (with transcript) + a 24-page printer-friendly guidebook

No fluff, pure value.

Brand Revamp class: video and PDF guidebook

Ready to revamp your brand?

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Revamp Your Brand In One Day