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Hey there!
Do you have any questions for me? Want to share a success story you’ve had by using some of my tips? Or do you just want to say “hi”? I'd love to hear from you.

E-mail is the best way to contact me. Messages on social media sometimes fall under my radar, and I'm not a big fan of talking over phone.

I respond to e-mails within 24 hours on workdays. If you send your email on a Friday afternoon, I’ll get back to you on Monday. I need to get away from the computer sometimes, you know? ;)

Important: If you'd like to hire me for a project, please use the project inquiry form instead.

Frequently asked questions – please read before sending your message!

You'd like to get your answer as soon as possible, right? Well, you just might get one immediately. 90% of the emails I get fall under the questions listed below.

Can I hire you for a project?

Please use my Project inquiry form. Those requests take priority.

Will you speak at our event?

I'd love to hear more about your event! Please check out my Speaking page to see if we're a good fit, and use the form at the bottom of that page to contact me.

Do you accept guest posts or ghost-written articles?

No. My blog is 100% my own content.

Will you write a guest post for my blog?

Not unless you have a very popular blog, but I'm happy to do interviews.

Can I advertise on your website?

No. There are no advertisements, sponsored posts, or paid link placements on this website, and I intend to keep it that way.

Will you feature my article/product/thing on your blog?

No. Any pitches and “outreach” requests to feature stuff on my blog will be ignored.

I don't do software reviews on my blog. I might do reviews of art supplies, but I'm making no promises as I'm pretty busy with work and have my own editorial plans.

Can I use your artwork in my project?

It depends on the artwork in question, and how you'd like to use it. Send me a message and I'll be able to tell you for sure.

If you're inquiring about the commercial use of my work, you can find a list of artworks that are available for licensing here. Works that I have created for, or exclusively licensed to other clients may not be used in any way, no exceptions.

Can you teach me how to draw/paint/design/code/edit photos..?

I'm available for paid consulting and mentoring—let me know if you'd like to chat with me to see what kind of support you need.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide free mentoring, critique or troubleshoot your work. There are plenty of online forums and Facebook groups where you can discuss subjects that interest you, ask questions and get feedback for free.

Couldn't find your question here? Go ahead and write your message below, I look forward to hearing from you!