4D-monitoring website

4D-monitoring website

4D-monitoring website

4D-monitoring is a company specialized in geographic information systems (GIS) and geo-referenced spheric imaging (360° virtual reality photography), and they serve clients in the public sector such as cities, municipalities and public utility companies.

I've designed their logo and visual brand, and the older version of the website, when they were just starting out in 2013. The company grew, and so did their list of references, and their services evolved since we've last worked together, so a completely new website was in order. The old website didn't effectively communicate what they offer, and what the potential benefits for their clients are, and the content was put together as an afterthought, so there wasn't much to work with.

This time, we aimed to do it right from the start.

At the very beginning of the project, we had a consulting session where we discussed their goals and took stock of all the content they've already created so far that could be used on the new website (things like articles and multimedia). I proposed the user flow through the new site, the website architecture, and the guidelines for the content that they'll need to create in-house.

We set the date for the start of the project for 2 months ahead, and in the meantime they've prepared the content (with the help of the Website Content Planning Guide I've created), and commissioned professional photos.

When the project start date arrived, I've designed and developed their new website on WordPress. We're very pleased that everything on this website is custom: the professional photos, the icons and illustrations I've designed, as well as a custom Google map color palette which uses the brand colors instead of generic ones. The design and development took under a month from start to finish, which I believe is my personal record for a website of this size.

Here's what the client, Kristijan Ljutic says about their experience with this project (emphasis mine):

“We had a website that didn’t fulfill our current needs, because of lack of content. We’ve decided to work with Nela again, since we were very pleased with the quality of our previous projects. We were pleasantly surprised by constant improvement of her services, and her personal and professional integrity.

I’m very satisfied with the initial result of this project: a high-quality website.

I recommend Nela’s services to my colleagues, business partners and clients, because of the quality of her work, and also our laid-back, yet professional communication.”

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