inObscuro hand lettered logo

inObscuro hand lettered logo

inObscuro logo black

inObscuro logo with tagline

inObscuro is a project I started in 2005, and this website has also been my art gallery until I've created this portfolio.
obscurus - dark, mysterious, unclear, unspecified.
in obscuro - anonymously, out of sight, secretly.

After I focused all my efforts on this website, I realized inObscuro was left neglected, and it was losing its appeal with the outdated design. I started by creating a recognizable hand-lettered logo, followed through by giving the website a through redesign.

Since during the most of my career I created logos that were very simple and serious, I enjoyed making this unusual and playful logo with a cat motif very much.

You can see the process of making this logo from sketch to finish in my blog post inObscuro logo design process.

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