Mjesec fantastike 2015 poster & flyers

Mjesec fantastike 2015 poster & flyers

Mjesec fantastike 2015 illustrated flyer

Mjesec fantastike 2015 website

Mjesec fantastike (translation: Fantasy month) is a month-long festival dedicated to fantasy, science fiction, science and art that is held for the second time in the row in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.

Last year I designed promo materials and developed a WordPress website for the festival, effectively establishing a recognizable festival brand and illustration style.

This year I created a new illustration and design for all the promotional materials, plus I updated the website graphics and content. I'm also in charge for marketing and media outreach on this project, which includes writing content, social media and appearances in the media (TV and radio).

The target audience of this festival are school-aged children and young adults, and part of the program was dedicated to anime.

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