The Human Centered Brand Book

“The Human Centered Brand” by Nela Dunato

A practical guide to creating an authentic brand you can live by 24/7

Most information on branding out there is focused on corporate brands, startups and personal brands. The information on small service-oriented brands is often muddy and unsystematized. It sounds like spiritual hippy wisdom, instead of solid business advice.

This book covers practical information on growing a brand that’s human-focused and relationship-focused. It bridges the void between personal branding and corporate branding for business owners who feel that neither of those is suited for them.

The rules of branding are very different for small service providers than they are for large product-oriented corporations.

Books that are written for start-ups may offer some insight that’s applicable across industries, but there are specifics of service-oriented businesses that these frameworks do not cover.

The vast majority of my clients are service professionals and independent creatives. My own business is service-based. I hang out with a vibrant community of creatives of all stripes: painters, illustrators, writers, designers, developers, musicians, jewelry designers, and more. Looking at all these people trying to make a living doing what they love gives me plenty of opportunity to examine how they approach their business, branding and marketing and to identify what works and what doesn’t.

When we work with a client, we get close to them – we get an insight into their business that others don’t get to see. In order to do our best work, the business owners need to be comfortable letting us do this. They need to trust us with their business, and we need to assure them that they’re in good hands, and that we’ll help their business grow.

Why should your clients trust you?

Branding is the bridge used to overcome the trust gap

Before you’ve had the chance to exchange a single sentence with a prospect, your brand is communicating on levels both conscious and subconscious. Your reputation precedes you.

Nowadays, having a strong brand is a must. The market is supersaturated. There are thousands of your competitors online that potential clients can choose from. Weak brands don’t cut it anymore.

When you have a weak brand, you attract all kinds of weirdos – the nightmare clients that:

  • Don’t pay on time.
  • Try to drive down your rates.
  • Disappear for months and come back with an urgency.
  • Call you on the weekend in the middle of the night and expect you to cater to their every whim.
  • Treat you badly.
  • Think they can do your job.

You don't have to tolerate this. There are better clients out there, they just need to hear about you and recognize you as their perfect match.

With a strong, human centered brand, you can:

  • Attract amazing clients that gladly pay premium rates and recommend you to their friends.
  • Dorm authentic connections with potential clients, both online and in person.
  • Create a healthy workplace culture that employees won't be able to find anywhere else.
  • Differentiate from your peers just by being you.

“The Human-Centered Brand” book will show you how to get to the core of what makes your business different from everyone else, and how to implement your brand strategy in a simple way.

The approach I share in the book focuses on five essential elements which I've discovered make the biggest difference for small, service-based businesses:

The Human Centered Brand Discovery Pyramid

The book examines each of these elements in detail, and provides practical tips on how to use them in your communication, on your marketing materials, on your website, etc.

Coming out in July 2018

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