Interview me!

Whether you’re just starting out with your blog, or you have thousands of podcast listeners, I’d be more than happy to provide value for your audience through a written or spoken interview. Yes, even on video!

The topics I’m an expert in are most suited for an audience of creative people of any medium, freelancers and passion-fueled entrepreneurs.

I'll share your interview with my own audience of creative folks on Facebook, Twitter (both with over 1000 followers) and my e-mail list.

I’m also open for guest posting opportunities, but only on blogs with significant following. If you think your blog fits the bill, feel free to contact me.

Topics I just can’t shut up about

  • Authentic branding and promotion for artists and creative business owners
  • Art and creativity – fitting it into a busy life, creative blocks, infusing your life with it, etc.
  • Making money with your passions (I’ve been doing it for over a decade!)
  • Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur in a world of specialists
  • Productivity for creatives & business owners
  • My experience with depression and healing through creative self-expression

For more ideas on what I can talk about, you can check out my blog archive.

How to best contact me

Please write to me using my contact form and tell me a little bit about your website and blog/show. Give me an example of an interview you did with someone else that I can check out.

If you’re looking for a written interview, feel free to send your questions right away. You can send them in the body of the e-mail, but an even better idea would be to send me a link to a shared Google Document with your questions that I can edit directly.

I will reply to let you know when you can expect my answers.

Please also let me know if you need images of my art, design, photos of me etc. and specify dimensions.

If you’re looking for an audio or video interview, either send me your availability schedule, or I will send you mine. Please note that I’m located in central Europe, so this may require one of us to stay up late if you’re on a different continent.

If you need me to prepare anything in advance, please let me know (graphics, a special gift for your listeners, etc.)

I’m so looking forward to talking to you!