Hand-Lettering Design

A selection of my logo designs, book covers and other projects that utilise the art of hand-lettering. My specialty is brush lettering, script lettering and illustrative, organic-looking letters.

Komfor hand lettered band logo design
Komfor hand lettered band logo design. View project details

Komfor is an ambiental acoustic band from Croatia. You can see the logo design process from sketch to finish on my blog.

Claire Fortune hand lettered logo design
Claire Fortune hand lettered logo design. View project details

Claire Fortune is a fortune teller that uses tarot and palmistry in her work. We worked together to create her entire visual branding, including the hand-lettered logo design.

inObscuro hand lettered logo design
inObscuro hand lettered logo design. View project details

inObscuro is a personal project that I started in 2005. In 2013, I re-designed the logo. You can see the process of making this logo from sketch to final design on my blog.

Rikon hand lettered logo design
Rikon hand lettered logo design. View project details

"Rikon" is a sci-fi and fantasy convention held annually in Rijeka, Croatia. I designed the hand-lettered logo and created the entire branding for this event. To learn more about how I approached this challenging project, read the case study on my blog.

Savarakatini hand lettered logo design
Savarakatini hand lettered logo design. View project details

Savarakatini is a small Croatian agency offering a wide array of services in the digital marketing industry. I designed the custom letter shapes for this logo and developed the entire visual brand, including graphic designs for printed promotional materials.

Everything is an Art Project - hand lettering
"Everything is an Art Project" lettering

Personal project. You can see the step-by-step process from sketch to finish here: Hand lettering process: “Everything is an art project”.

Fish-themed hand lettered logos
Fish-themed hand lettered logos

The client needed a series of logos for their travel routes. These two designs in particular were my favorite.

Authentic Promotion hand-lettered ebook cover
Authentic Promotion hand-lettered ebook cover. View project details

"Authentic Promotion Guidebook" is a 20-page PDF containing lessons and worksheets on online marketing for creative business owners. You can download it for free here.

Peace Love Laughter hand-lettered holiday greeting card
"Peace Love Laughter" hand-lettered holiday greeting card

I love delighting my clients and partners with a unique greeting card every year. The 2016. greeting card features wishes for the qualities we can never get too much of.

Month of Fairies hand-lettered logo design
Month of Fairies hand-lettered logo design

Month of Fairies was a personal project I did during November 2014 – I drew or painted a fairy every single day for the entire month. This organic, hand-drawn logo was used for the blog graphics.

Passion hand lettering
"Passion" lettering

Unplug lettering
"Unplug" lettering

Personal project. This, alongside with my other lettering pieces, is available as a free wallpaper.

Creativity hand lettering
"Creativity" lettering

Create first, consume later - hand lettering
"Create first, consume later" lettering

Thank you - hand lettering
"Thank you" hand-lettering

I created this design for my keynote presentations, and I also use it as a card I give to people as a token of gratitude.

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