Expressive brands that make your clients go “Wow”

Branding is a deeply transformative process—it changes how your clients perceive your business, and how you see yourself.

Nela Dunato Art & Design is a boutique branding and design studio that helps experienced service professionals create human centered brands and connect with their dream clients. By working together, we'll craft a delightful and impressive journey for your clients that will knock their socks off, both in person and online.

If you...

  • Are an intellectual or creative service provider (consultant, freelancer, agency owner, medical practitioner, engineer, counselor etc.)
  • Have been in business for a while, and offer expert services to your clients.
  • Would like more of your “right clients” to reach out to you.
  • Want to feel more confident in charging higher fees and approaching bigger clients.
  • Would like to get more visibility for your brand at events and in the media.
  • Wish your brand & website looked professional and trustworthy, and reflected your personality.'re most definitely in the right place.

I empower small business owners like you to feel confident in your marketing, and attract clients that are both a great fit for your personality, and are happy to pay you well. We can achieve this with my signature blend of human centered brand strategy and expressive logo & brand identity design.

Authentic brands for real people

After years of working with different types of businesses, I realized that designing for faceless corporations and startups doesn't excite me. Instead, I specialized in working with small business owners who pour their heart into their work, and form deep relationships with their clients.

When you have a brand that fully represents who you are as an expert and as a person – one that is professional, authentic, and completely different from anything that's currently out there – you feel confident to play bigger and own your uniqueness. As a result, you receive more attention from the media and influential partners, you no longer attract clients that are not the right fit, and instead get a stream of dream clients who appreciate you for who you are and what you do best.

If you feel that now is the time to create a big change in your business and brand from the inside out, we can make it happen together.

My branding approach has four main phases. You can join me an all four, or drop off earlier if you don't need all the bells and whistles at the moment.

1. Human Centered Brand Strategy Consulting

Let's take a deep dive into what makes your business unique, and transform your brand together. Your new brand will feel authentic, comfortable, and resonate with your right people.

3. WordPress Website Design

After creating your new brand, let's also make a beautiful, responsive website that helps you turn your visitors into clients. Unique design tailored to your needs that highlights your expertise and personality.

4. Continued Design Collaboration

Eye-catching print and web graphics provided at the pace that your business needs.

Branding & Logo Design for Creative Rebels
Branding & Design for Creative Rebels