Continued graphic design collaboration

As your business grows, you'll inevitably encounter new marketing opportunities that require professionally designed materials, and new ways to enhance your offers and client process. Or perhaps you've anticipated this from the start, but have decided to postpone it for budget reasons.

Most of my clients come back to commission additional print and digital brand applications for years to come, and I always make room in my schedule for them. Since we've gotten to know each other so well, and I'm thoroughly familiar with their brand, the designs I create for my return clients are always spot on and aligned with the overarching brand vision.

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Examples of graphics that your business may need include:

  • Promotional fliers, brochures, posters, etc.
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Project documentation
  • Book cover and layout (print and ebook)
  • Infographics
  • Office decorations: wallpapers, decals, textile patterns etc.
  • Vehicle graphics
  • Social media and blog graphics
  • Promotional products: tote bags, planners, etc.
  • Holiday greeting card design and illustration

How to order?

By this point, you already have my email and access to our collaborative project space in Trello, so feel free to send me a message with more details about your project and when you need it done by.

The earlier you contact me, the better – this ensures I'll be able to fit you into my schedule without those pesky rush fees!