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Practical branding & marketing insights for creative entrepreneurs

Nela Dunato has been teaching in different ways for over a decade: from one-on-one mentoring, small intense classes and workshops, to talks on leading industry conferences. Nela’s talks and workshops inspire participants and provide clear steps to creating a powerful brand, while staying true to yourself and enjoying your work.

Nela Dunato speaking at WordCamp Split 2016

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Complex topics explained in a simple, accessible and organized way.

The main mission of Nela's talks and workshops is to get people to implement new information and skills as soon as they get home and get results. Explaining concepts is one thing, but bringing it down to where people can use it on their own is something different.

The way to get around is to provide clear action steps, and Nela's talks are full of them. Whether it's a short 20-minute lightning talk, or a full hour where we can deep-dive into a topic, the audience will leave not only inspired, but with an action plan, too.

What the audience says...

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  • “Another brilliant talk. Beautiful slides and fluent English with great information made this talk really enjoyable.”

    Igor Benic, WebCamp Zagreb

  • “I'm thrilled with the workshop! I've received practical tools and guidelines for the process of working with clients. Now it's up to me to apply them in my work. Pleasant atmosphere and great expertise, simplicity and accessibility of the speaker.”

    Goranka Herljević, Workshop attendee

  • “Great stuff for other designers and clients to learn about each other. Nice presentation and great verbal skills for non-native english speaker.”

    Miro Cosic, WebCamp Zagreb

  • “Excellent stage manners and behavior. Despite being a non-designer, I caught up a few valuable tips.”

    Ajda Marić, WebCamp Zagreb

  • “As a designer, I can say you got it to the point. Really good speech. I enjoyed your verbal and presentation skill.”

    Jovo Milanovic, WebCamp Zagreb

  • “This workshop was more open and accessible. With more formal workshops, I often experience that lecturers can't answer my questions, or that their answers are not relevant for my situation.”

    David Dubrovic, Workshop attendee

  • “Approachable, expert, full of good advice and practical examples that makes the content easier to understand.”

    Workshop attendee, STEP-Ri

  • “Top lecturing skills, expert with the right dose of improvisation and spontaneity.”

    Workshop attendee, STEP-Ri

  • “Very practical, depending on the industry, and easily applicable knowledge.”

    Workshop attendee, STEP-Ri

Nela Dunato workshop at STEP-Ri

Topics Nela just can’t shut up about

Nela’s core topics are human-centered branding, designing your perfect client experience, and implementing an effective content marketing strategy. She can bring one of her tried-and-tested talks or workshops to your event, or create a tailored experience for your audience.

The Human-Centered Brand

Branding advice for corporations and startups doesn’t work for service-oriented businesses such as freelancers, agencies and artists. Human centered branding excels where corporate and personal branding both fall short: growing a relationship-focused business with an authentic brand that you not only put on during the working hours, but are able to live by 24/7.

Workshop outcome: Workshop attendees will create their own branding strategy and a style guide that defines a strong, unique and authentic brand.

Design Your Creative Process

Undefined and loose business processes allow clients to pull your projects apart, while the quality of your creative work suffers. Without clear expectations and boundaries, your clients aren't taking you seriously. The lack of a business process is what separates creative people from creative professionals. This is a workshop that will help you move forward and work with better clients - those who value your services, respect you, pay invoices with joy and want to work only with you and no one else.

Workshop outcome: Workshop attendees will create a map of their client process, brainstorm improvements with the group, and get exclusive access to Nela's client documentation.

Blogging & Content Marketing for Small Businesses

The best kind of marketing is giving your users what they want – for free. Content marketing helps you inform potential customers about your products and services, educate them about your industry, building a community around a valuable idea and strengthening your reputation as an expert in your industry.

Workshop outcome: Workshop attendees will go home with a content marketing plan for the next 6-12 months, and an organized system for creating and publishing content regularly.

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Nela is available for speaking at events, public workshops and in-house workshops. Her audiences include passion-fueled entrepreneurs, freelancers, creative agencies, non-profits and students.

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