Forest Fae

Forest Fae watercolor and colored pencil drawing by Nela Dunato

A sketchbook experiment that turned out better than I expected, so I’m posting it into my regular gallery, instead of my sketchbook gallery. I recently purchased a new set of watercolor pencils so this was a test to see how they work in this particular mixed media sketchbook.

Fairies with tree-shaped antlers are not new, I’ve previously portrayed them on my acrylic painting Daughter of the Forest, an ink sketch Prisoner of Worry, and probably more doodles than I can count.

While this is far from my best watercolor & pencil drawing, I think I’m getting closer to the right level of loose paint strokes and precise detail that I’ve been trying to achieve for a while.

Detail of Forest Fae, watercolor and colored pencil drawing by Nela Dunato

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