Easy & Free Brand Health Check for Your Service Business

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Have you considered that your brand might need some work, but you’re not sure which area will make the biggest difference?

I designed this free tool you can use to quickly figure out of which parts of your brand are the strongest, and which ones are the weakest. By addressing your weakest points, you’ll raise the overall impact of your entire brand.

Easy & Free Brand Health Check for Your Service Business

Your brand doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be awesome at everything. But at the very least, you shouldn’t suck at things so bad that it deters potential clients away. Those “weakest links” are what might make some people unsure of working with us, and they’re usually the lowest hanging fruit. Putting in even the bare minimum of effort can make a huge shift!

Take the free brand health check quiz

Check the boxes next to the statements that are true for you and your business. When you’re done, click the button to calculate your score, and get a visualization of your brand’s health status. (No email required to get the results.)

This checklist can also serve as a reminder of what to work on in order to improve your brand.

Core values

Unique value proposition

Brand voice

Ideal client

Visual brand identity

Personal image

Online presence

Brand reputation

If you’ve found this tool helpful, share it with your friends and colleagues who might find it useful!

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