Free hand lettered inspirational wallpapers

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Free hand lettered inspirational wallpapers

If you’ve liked the hand lettered quotes I’ve been sharing over the past months here on the blog, you’re in luck – I’m making them available as wallpapers that you can use on your desktop, tablet or phone!

I’ve only made two sizes of each to keep it simple, but your device will automatically crop it to match your screen resolution.

Don’t water yourself down inspirational wallpaper

Creativity is an act of rebellion inspirational wallpaper

Create first, consume later inspirational wallpaper

Create first, consume later inspirational wallpaper

Everything is an art project inspirational wallpaper

Unplug mountain inspirational wallpaper

Unplug lake inspirational wallpaper

Terms of use

Just to make super clear what the appropriate use for these artworks is, here are the guidelines on what you may or may not do with them:

  • Please, do not alter these images in any way, and do not use them for any other purpose other than as a desktop, phone or tablet wallpaper.
  • If you want to feature one of these graphics in a blog post, please only use one and link back to this post.
  • If you want to publish these images on social media, please credit me (by my username or website) or share my existing posts instead. (Here they are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.)
  • If you’re not sure whether something is permitted, feel free to ask! (Either here in the comments, or write me an email.)

Thank you for respecting my rights as an artist.

P.S. Sharing is caring – if you have a creative friend who could use a dose of inspiration while they’re working hard toward their dreams, delight them with a link to this post :)


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