International Fairy Day art show

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This Saturday, June the 20th, was the opening reception to a group art show called “Visions from the Fairy Realm” featuring art by me and a fellow fantasy illustrator Karin Bogdanic.

The art show is set at the Museum of Tourism “Villa Angiolina” in Opatija and will be opened until June 27th. Here’s a lovely poster Karin made for the show:

Art show poster

On Saturday afternoon I was still in frantic preparations for the show. The majority of my featured works were those from the Month of Fairies project, and this means I had to cut out the sketches from the sketchbook I originally used for the daily challenge.

You can see me flipping through this sketchbook in the video below:

I don’t like removing my art from sketchbooks, but I didn’t want to exhibit prints in lieu of originals. I find that rather tacky, and only reserved for occasions when I no longer have the original in my possession –t he whole point of art exhibitions is to see original art up close. So as much as I dislike it, I had to ravage the beautiful Handbook Journal in the name of art.

Here’s a photo of my desk as I was cutting the sketches and assembling the compositions that I posted on Instagram:

Fairy Day art show preparations

We arrived 2 hours earlier to set up the show. Here’s a photo of the Villa from the outside, and the labyrinth garden.

Museum of Tourism 'Villa Angiolina' in Opatija

There are multiple exhibitions in the museum at the same time, and ours got the left wing of the lobby.

Villa Angiolina lobby

We each got 4 frames sized 100x70cm to fill with art however we wanted. I dedicated two frames to smaller works from the Month of Fairies, and the other two with a miscellaneous collection of fairy art painted in traditional media.

Fairy art by Nela Dunato
Watercolor painting “Water Fairy” and “Daughter of the Forest” graphite pencil study.
Sadly I wasn’t able to feature the final acrylic painting on this show.

Fairy art by Nela Dunato
“Regoc” on the left, “Fairy Queen” to the right, and two sketches from the Month of Fairies series in the middle

Fairy art by Nela Dunato
Sketches from the Month of Fairies series

The frames were originally supposed to be hanging on hooks from the ceiling, but the museum inexplicably removed them and offered the stands instead. This impacted the aesthetics of the exhibition, but we improvised and did the best with that we had.

The show organizers, “Kulturni front” society from Opatija, prepared a lovely reception including live guitar music by Antonio Ivan Sangulin, refreshments and a short foreword about fairies in art by our culturologist friend Lada Bozic Erzic.

There wasn’t a whole lot of people at the opening reception, but the main event is on Wednesday, when there will be many visitors, young and old.

Artists Nela Dunato and Karin Bogdanic
Me on the left, and the artist Karin Bogdanic to the right

Art show - live guitar music

Fairy Day art show opening reception

Fairy Day art show opening reception

Fairy Day art show - artist's speech

Fairy Day art show opening reception

Fairy Day art show opening reception

The photos were taken by my boyfriend, who was very committed and took dozens of photos during the entire reception, so I had plenty to choose from to feature in this post.

If you’re in or near Opatija this week, I invite you to check out the show which is on view until Saturday June 27th.

I’ll take this opportunity to mention that I’m taking part in several upcoming group art shows in Laguna Beach, California! The first one is coming up in July in Las Laguna Gallery, with the show title “Nakedness”. My work “Growing Pains” will be featured on this show. If you’re nearby, go check it out!


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  1. Loved the video Nela – nice to see and hear you and learn all about the different faeries.

    I understand your pain at having to cut the images out of the sketchbook – I once had to do the same.

    Lots of luck with all your exhibitions far and wide :)

  2. Thank you, Cherry! :)

    I’m glad the video was interesting to you. I try to make them short so people don’t get bored, but they always end up above the 20 minute mark. I can talk and talk… :D

    Thank you very much for your kind wishes! :)

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