Mind Patterns – The Sketchbook Project 2013

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I’ve participated in this year’s Sketchbook Project! In short, The Sketchbook Project is a yearly event in which artists from across the world draw in the provided sketchbooks, and later these sketchbooks are taken on a traveling exhibition across the United States of America. After the tour, the sketchbooks are permanently stored in The Brooklyn Art Library.

Here is the video of my sketchbook flip:

Unfortunately, both the sound and the video are of kinda “meh” quality, since I used a photo camera to capture it.

My sketchbook title is “Mind Patterns”. I decided to portray thought patterns and emotions on female portraits, using hair as a visual extension of the mind. Here are the scans of the entire sketchbook (click for a large image but be warned, it’s over 1 MB):

Mind Patterns - The Sketchbook Project 2013

The procrastinator I am, I only started working on the project in late December, and on the day before the deadline I still had 12 pages (including the covers) left to fill. On the very last day before I went to the post office, I sketched the last few pages in 10-15 minutes each, so I didn’t scan them but only took the low quality photos with my phone you can see at the bottom.
The sketchbook is now on the way to Brooklyn, I hope it arrives safely.

If you happen to live near Brooklyn (NY), Austin (TX), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Portland (OR), San Francisco (CA), Los Angeles (CA) or Toronto (Canada) check out the tour dates and go visit the exhibition when it’s in your neighborhood!

It was nice being a part of this project, and I’m thrilled that my sketchbook will be flipped by many unknown people.

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12 responses to “Mind Patterns – The Sketchbook Project 2013”

  1. Sounds like an interesting project. I have done a few sketches over the years, but never really had any of them displayed publicly. I can only imagine what some of the artwork looks like. I would love to go and check it out in person. Good luck on your sketchbook.

  2. If you’re near Austin, it would be great if you did go and check it out! :)
    This is actually the first time my sketches will be exhibited as well, I’ve only displayed finished work before. But it sure is fun.

  3. I love the theme SO MUCH. And isn’t it true that our hair sometimes reflects our state of mind? (Messy = completely frazzled, perfectly arranged = solemn occasion, windblown = carefree and happy.) Never would of thought of doing what you have here though. I think it’s brilliant. :D

    My favorites are self -criticism, depression, and forgetfulness. Maybe cause I relate to them the most? =/ Haha. XD

    Pinned it. :)

  4. Thanks, Kait!
    I agree with you, hair does say so much about us. I pay a lot of attention to hair when I draw, and so this idea just came up naturally to me. Glad you like it! :D

  5. Great concept and beautiful execution!

    It’s really difficult to pick a favourite, but in a way I find Self-criticism to be the most powerful one. It really sends a strong message to, erm, everyone prone to self-criticism. >:)

    The hair texture in Regret is amazing, I love Imagination, and Forgetfulness also has an appropriate dreamy quality…

  6. Thanks, Stream! :) I’m glad you like it.
    Self-criticism is one of my favorites as well, I thought of doing a larger painting in the future.

  7. One thing I noticed is how the eyes in each of your illustrations play such a subtle, yet important, part of the overall beauty and communication of each of your sketches. Even when the eyes are closed, I “feel” them speaking. My favorite sketch is “depression.” I’ve struggled with depression for years and you captured so much of the emptiness, loss, pain, and overwhelming darkness of this battle.

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words Mary, it really means a lot to hear that these drawings are speaking to you, and that you get from them what I intended to put in. It’s always wonderful to have this validation from other viewers!

    I’m sorry you had to go through depression yourself, I hope it’s a thing of the past.

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