Mixed media sketchbook tour 2009–2023

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I recently completed this 98-page mixed media sketchbook that I’ve been using since 2009! (I originally purchased it in 2005 and didn’t even dare to touch it for four years because I was afraid my drawing skills are “not worthy” of this sketchbook.)

A few years ago I made a pact with myself that I’m not allowed to start working in a new sketchbook until I complete one of my many active sketchbooks (there’s 15 of them currently). I’m doing my best to fully focus on just 2 sketchbooks at a time, so I can complete them faster. That’s how I finally managed to finish this one after 14 years.

I think it’s quite interesting to see how my ink and watercolor technique has evolved over the years that I’ve used this sketchbook. While I started off with landscapes and urban sketches from life, I quickly started drawing my imaginary fantasy characters, because this paper was very lovely for a combination of watercolor and colored pencils. (Sadly, this exact paper is no longer used in W&N sketchbooks.) Although it took me so long to complete it, I’m really fond of this sketchbook because some of my favorite drawings are inside.

Long video with explanations of the techniques I used and inspiration behind each page

This one runs for 46 minutes. I recommend it if you want to learn more about how I create art in sketchbooks, especially if you like mixed media. I also talk about the inspiration behind some of my imaginary characters and scenes.

Quick page flip (no talking)

6 minutes of just art with some background music. Recommended for most people :)

I published better quality scans of my favorite sketchbook pages in my gallery, check them out here.

More mixed media sketchbook tours:


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