Mixed media sketchbook tour 2016–2021

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I recently completed this 132-page Hahnemühle sketchbook that I’ve been using since 2016, so it’s time for another tour video! This ended up being one of my favorites, filled with fantasy portraits, quirky portraits, floral portraits… you get it, a lot of portraits. There’s also animal and landscape studies, as well as abstract-ish mixed media experiments and a healthy helping of doodles.

I work in so many sketchbooks at the same time, so it takes me a long time to complete each of them. But I made a new rule for myself that I have to complete one of my older sketchbooks before I can open a brand new one. And I have a couple of lovely Stillman & Birn and Strathmore sketchbooks I never tried before and I’m dying to start working in them… So that was my motivation to start focusing on one sketchbook at a time for a while, until I finished at least a few. I’m happy that this one is finally complete, and it’s not even the oldest… I have another one that I’ve been using since 2009(!) and that one’s next on my list.

This time I made two video versions: longer one with lots of talking, and a shorter one with no talking.

Long video with explanations of the techniques I used on each page

This one runs for 50 minutes, I recommend it if you want to learn more about how I create art in sketchbooks, especially if you like mixed media.

Short video, no talking

12 minutes of just art with some background music.

I published my favorite sketchbook pages in my sketchbook gallery, check them out here.

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