Month Of Fairies: Week 2

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Month Of Fairies art challenge - Week 2

For the entire month of November I’m drawing a fairy a day and posting it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #MonthOfFairies

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I’m now officially half way through the journey, and here’s an overview of all the artwork I created in the past week, from November 10th ’till November 16th.

Day 10

Month Of Fairies Day 10

Inked with a brush pen, in my small Handbook journal. I wanted to do something more “quick” and “simple” — still took me a lot of time.

Day 11

Month Of Fairies Day 11: Kitsune

Kitsune / Huli jing, a fox spirit akin to European fairies. It’s a nine-tail fox that often appears in the form of a beautiful woman. Usually it’s perceived as benevolent.

Watercolor & color pencils.

Day 12

Month Of Fairies Day 12: Aisling & Pangur Ban

Quick pencil & ink doodle of Aisling with Pangur Ban from the cartoon “The Secret Of Kells”. Now granted, I could have invested a little more effort and recreated them in my style, but it was 3 in the morning, so I took the shorter route.

If you haven’t watched “The Secret Of Kells”, it’s visually the most gorgeous 2D-animated cartoon I’ve seen in a decade, and the story is quite good as well.

Day 13

Month Of Fairies Day 13: Mischief

Ballpoint pen and watercolor.

Most stories about fairies are positive, but there are also tales of fairies that steal or hide things, and even kidnap children or lure men into the woods where they get lost and die. Most fairies will do harm only to those who show disrespect toward them, but there are also “dark” or “evil” fairies that you simply don’t want to cross paths with.

Day 14

Month Of Fairies Day 14: Rusalka

Rusalka is a type of water nymph from Russian legends (but it also spread to other Slavic countries). The name is supposedly derived from the word meaning “red”, because they have long red hair.

They live in rivers and lakes, and in some legends it’s said that they weren’t able to move away from water, and that their hair was always wet — if they’d let it dry, they would’ve died.

Some later (18th century) sources describe these beings as malevolent — they would often attract men with their song and drown them.

Day 15

Month Of Fairies day 15: Fates

Ballpoint pen, watercolor and white gel pen.

In Slavic folklore, there are tales of three fairies that visit a newborn and bestow good fortune and health upon her, but also determine the course of her life. The family would leave gifts in form of food, drink and a golden coin to appease them.

They are called “Rodjenice” (= fairies of birth), or “Sudjenice” (=fairies of fate). The first one gives the gift of health and beauty, the second gives prosperity and knowledge, and the third measures a length of thread that determines the length of native’s life.

Day 16

Month Of Fairies day 16: Headphone tanglers

I’m sure you’ve all met headphone tanglers, right? This one was of course inspired by personal experience :)

Ink, colored in Photoshop.


That was it for week 2!

Thanks to everyone who’s been following my journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
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