Month Of Fairies: Week 3

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Month Of Fairies art challenge - Week 3

For the entire month of November I’m drawing a fairy a day and posting it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #MonthOfFairies

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Here’s an overview of all the artwork I created in the third week of the project, from November 17th ’till November 23rd.

Day 17

Month Of Fairies Day 17

I had no idea what to draw, so I quickly drew a modern, alternative fairy. When I finished it, I realized it looked like a mix of Delirium from “The Sandman” and Megan Massacre.
Ballpoint pen & watercolor in a Handbook journal.

Day 18

Month Of Fairies Day 18: Forest spirit

I wanted to create something loose and dreamy, so I created this small watercolor experiment of a forest spirit.

Day 19

Month Of Fairies Day 19

Paper-cutting and watercolor in a Handbook journal.

I’ve only tried paper-cutting once before, and it’s way more difficult than I thought it was. In reality this work has several tears, but I removed them from the image in Photoshop. I wonder what kind of paper paper-cut artists use that doesn’t tear as much?

Day 20

Month Of Fairies Day 20: The Fairy of Velebit

There’s this cheesy Croatian patriotic song from the 19th century, a hymn to the fairy of the majestic mountain (you can read the lyrics here). I have no idea from which myth it stemmed.
My boyfriend kept asking me jokingly when I was going to draw her. So here it is

Day 21

Month Of Fairies Day 21

My friend Marija commented on this image “Fiery, windy, warm… just like a perfect autumn should be.”
Unfortunately, that’s not the autumn we had this year but in my imagination I can make it any way I want.

Day 22

Month Of Fairies Day 22

Gouache on a vine leaf.
I couldn’t find a single leaf that was dry and flat (because it’s been raining forever), so I used what I had in my yard. I think this is the first time in my life that I painted over a natural object.

Day 23

Month Of Fairies Day 23

Quick watercolor sketch of a water nymph.


That was it for week 3!

Thanks to everyone who’s been following my journey on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
If you want to keep up with new drawings as I do them, be sure to follow one of my accounts ;)

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