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I recently completed the recycled sketchbook that I’ve been using for messy mixed media experiments. I originally used this notebook as my intention journal, and then painted or collaged over the text and turned it into a mixed media “junk journal”. It’s a great way to use a notebook that would otherwise end up in the trash!

I created two versions of the tour—a long one and a short one—and I also included a video I published last year, where I explained more how I’m using this sketchbook to release perfectionism.

Content warning: there’s a few creepy images and female nudes. There is some emotional imagery in this sketchbook, but nothing so explicit that I felt the need to redact.

Full video with explanations

In this longer video, I talk about each page in detail, describing the techniques I used and the inspiration behind it.

I intended for this to be my anti-perfectionist sketchbook, which is why it’s quite different from my other sketchbooks. While some of the pages ended up looking quite appealing (to me, at least), there’s a lot of stuff in there that really isn’t that beautiful, but I still had a good time creating it. I learned a lot techniques I like and don’t like using this sketchbook. I really leaned into my favorite mixed media sketchbook techniques, and I also made some new discoveries.

You can see scanned images of some of my drawings from this sketchbook in the gallery.

Short video, no talking

If you don’t want to listen to my rambling and just want to look at the eye candy, this version is for you:

My previous video explaining how & why I’m using this sketchbook

I published this video about 2 years ago, but I never shared it here on my blog, so you might have missed it if you don’t follow my YouTube channel.

As I mentioned in this video, I completed this sketchbook much faster than my other sketchbooks because I was using it more often than my “nice” ones. (2 years doesn’t sound very fast, but my average is more like 4–5 years because I work in many sketchbooks at the same time.)

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