Sketching in the museum — a new adventure!

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I’ve been planning to go sketch in a museum for a very long time. But I always had something “more important” to do, and I was so very “busy”… I never took the time to hop off to a nearby natural history museum that’s just a 15 minutes walk away from my apartment.

As I was going through my to-do list for this year, a bullet point “draw in a museum” caught my attention. All my other to-dos seemed too daunting, but this one wasn’t difficult at all. And I said to myself, “Tomorrow it shall be. I’m going on an artist date in a museum.”


I’m a terrible packer when it comes to art supplies. I tend to take half of my materials on vacations, and end up using a tiny fraction of it. I tried to pack lightly, but I still managed to overpack. However, unlike before, I actually did get to use everything I packed! So at least that’s improved.

Here’s what I took:

Equipment for sketching in the museum

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Apart from that, I took my phone, house keys and a money bill to pay for the ticket and went on my way.

When I came to the museum, there was a nice surprise. They’re renovating the aquarium, so the entrance was free!

I went upstairs to the vertebrates exhibit and then there was…

Sketching time!

My first model was a griffon vulture. I used a 2mm mechanical pencil in a small sketchbook and it took me around 10 minutes.

Griffon vulture pencil sketch

Next I went on to draw an angry looking beech marten. You can see my model and my sketch below.

Marten model and my sketch

Here is a final sketch. It took me around 15 minutes and I used a mechanical pencil and watercolor pencils in a small sketchbook.

Marten sketch

Unfortunately, most taxidermied animals there have really washed out fur so the colors are not life-like at all. I drew them as I saw them, not as they’re supposed to be.

Next I went over to the red fox. First I sketched it in mechanical pencil, and it was the first drawing in my large Canson sketchbook.

Fox sketch in pencil

Then I colored it in with watercolors. You can see the model with my sketch here:

Fox taxidermied model and my sketch

Unfortunately I came in pretty late, so I had to go because they were closing. I went and sat outside, and then added some brush strokes because I felt the sketch lacked contrast the way it was. Here’s the final sketch (click to see the larger image in my gallery).

Fox sketch final - watercolor and ink

Pencil, watercolor and ink in A4 sketchbook, around 30 minutes total.

During the entire time I was there, only a French couple went through so I was happy that I could draw in peace.

I was drawing the fox in a crouching position which became very uncomfortable after a while. That’s the only minus of the entire experience.

Overall I’m very satisfied with my first museum sketching trip, and I look forward to going again. I might even try to talk some friends into going with me.

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