WordCamp Split 2016 Conference Sketchnotes

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WordCamp Split 2016 Conference Sketchnotes

This past weekend I was a speaker at the WordCamp Split conference, and it was a great experience overall. The organizers were super welcoming, and everything was wonderful. The only negative things I can point out are that the music at the after-party was too loud to have a proper conversation so my throat was sore the next day, and that there were only 10% women in attendance, and only one other female speaker. This is not unusual for web conferences, but I’d really like to see a rise in female attendance and speakers soon.

My talk was called “End Design Revision Hell”, which I’ll be also presenting at the WebCamp Zagreb in October. Quite a few people came up to talk to me about the subject later, so I’ve correctly assumed that it’s a hot topic for freelancers. If even one of them decides to change something, I’ll be more than happy. (The video of the talk will be published on WordPress.TV, and I’ll post it here when it’s available.)

Here’s a couple of photos of my talk:

Nela Dunato speaking at WordCamp Split 2016
Photo by Neuralab

Nela Dunato speaking at WordCamp Split 2016
Photo by Petra Kakić for BUG magazine

I was taking a lot of notes during the lectures, since that’s what I do at conferences, being the nerd that I am. I’ve never shared them with the public before I think, but this time I decided to photograph and tweet them immediately after the lectures. People have responded to them so well, and some even shared them on their own blogs and social media, so I decided to also share them here.

I’ve scanned and cleaned them up a bit for easier reading since my phone photos are not that great.

There are talks on WordPress, design, business and marketing, so if you find one you find useful, feel free to save, print or pin it for later reference.

These are not all the talks from the conference – there were a couple more, but I either didn’t see them, or I wasn’t able to take notes.

Without further ado…

How to start a business in WordPress; a Codeable story

by Tomaž Zaman

How to start a business in WordPress - conference talk sketchnotes

How To Grow Your Business By Producing Quality Blog Posts?

by Nevena Tomović

How To Grow Your Business By Producing Quality Blog Posts  - conference talk sketchnotes

The frustration with website security

by Joško Džidić

The frustration with website security - conference talk sketchnotes

Team up for WordPress.org Themes

by Milan Ivanović

Team up for WordPress.org Themes - conference talk sketchnotes

Kako kvalitetno prikazati varijacije proizvoda?

by Borko Livić

Kako kvalitetno prikazati varijacije proizvoda? - conference talk sketchnotes

Designing a Brand

by Natko Hasić

Designing a Brand - conference talk sketchnotes

Moving the design process to the browser

by Lucijan Blagonic

Moving the design process to the browser - conference talk sketchnotes

Seeing these in sequence, I have a feeling I was getting a bit better in the later ones. I’m not that experienced in sketchnoting since I only go to one conference a year or less, but this might change so who knows, you might see more of these on my blog as the time goes.

What do you think? Would you like to see more sketchnotes?


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4 responses to “WordCamp Split 2016 Conference Sketchnotes”

  1. Great sketchnotes! It amazes me how someone can be so fast at sketching and keeping track of the presentation. Keeping them simple but at point also requires some skill.

    Sadly could not be there, but I will probably use your notes as a reminder once I watch them on wordpress.tv :)

  2. Fantastic sketchnotes! I was at WordCamp and also was listening to all of these presentations.

    In my opinion you really nailed it, who could imagine that one presentation can be sketched in this manner. I love what you did with “Designing a Brand”, how you remarked I amsterdam, mascot and colors psychology. These are so small details at your sketch, but then again so visible and clean.

    “WooCommerce varijacije” ne treba ni komentarisati, plugin ikonica, remark na plugine, varijacije u bojama i teaser vezan za WordPress hrvatska grupu, odlično! Respect!

    Odoh sada tražiti “Subscribe” opciju na sajtu… :D

  3. Thank you, Igor! :)
    The challenging part is to figure out what’s most important to note, and then if something less important slips, that’s not a big deal – we won’t remember 100% of the talk, anyway.

    You’ll love the talks, they were great!

  4. Thank you, Milan! I’m really glad to hear you’ve enjoyed these and that you appreciate all the details :)
    This is my secret weapon for sketching in color, by the way: bit.ly/2bTm8uL :D

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