You’re in Stage 1: The Caterpillar

You're in Stage 1: The Caterpillar

We all need to start somewhere, right?

Every business needs to go through a period of initial calibration, where you experiment and put things out there not really knowing how well it will work.

Right now, you might not be as clear on what’s the highest value you provide to people, and you’re not able to explain to potential clients why they need you.

Focus all your efforts on figuring out what you do better than anyone else, and who are the perfect people who need this service now. Then, and only then, will you have a solid business model you can grow and adapt.

The job of your brand is to attract people’s attention, communicate what you do best and how you do it, in a way that resonates with your right people – those who get the most value out of your service. It’s also the job of your brand to push away the people who can’t appreciate the value you provide, or your unique approach to business.

You can’t make everyone like you. Focus on the audience that really matters, and ignore the rest. Don’t be afraid to stand out and own your quirks.

Your brand answers the question “How is this business different from all the other ones?” Make sure the answer to that question comes out loud and clear.

What to read next

My book “The Human Centered Brand” teaches you how to create a magnetic brand and promote your business with clarity, ease, and authenticity. It’s a self-study class packed in a book, perfect for new business owners who are on a tight budget. Download the free chapter and the worksheets see if this approach resonates with you at

The Human Centered Brand by Nela Dunato: A Practical Guide to Being Yourself in Business

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