Dental Practice Brand Identity Design

Dental Practice logo designDental Practice logo design before and afterDental Practice logo designDental Practice Brand Identity DesignDental Practice Brand Identity Design

Dr. Zrinski Mlacovic had an established dental practice and wanted to re-imagine it to appeal to a new clientele. We decided to keep two elements from the former logo: the symbol of a smile, and the lavender purple color so that the transition to the new identity can be seamless.

We started off by exploring and defining the brand strategy, which was later used to inform the design choices.

The smile in the logo is wider and more confident and shows bright, white teeth (which remain white in the inverse variant), and this clearly conveys the field of dental practice, and the motto “I want to smile”. The purple color is more intense than in the previous variant, giving the logo more impact. The typography is modern, elegant, and friendly, and the round letter terminals (endings) mimic those in the logo mark.



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