Education platform logo & brand identity

Eduza is a Croatian business education platform dedicated to helping educators to make a living from teaching, and professional people to advance their career by learning. As many projects do, the owners launched their first website and social media channels with a basic do-it-yourself brand.

Beginning with the brand strategy consulting, we have set out to create a new, professional and appealing brand that would communicate Eduza’s message to their ideal audience.

Eduza logo design

Eduza brand communicates the most important qualities of optimism, boldness, and curiosity. It’s unusual, irreverent and distinct from corporate educational brands. Instead of the cliche owl symbol so prevalent in education brands, I chose the silhouette of a cat and the cat eye pattern to highlight the desired qualities.

The logo is based on the font Ganache, which I have significantly manually altered to achieve the desired style and harmonize it with the hand-drawn monogram.

Eduza logo design - monogram
Eduza brand identity style guide
Eduza brand strategy document

In addition to the logo, monogram, and the brand style guide, I designed the templates for various social media graphics, including:

  • LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook cover art
  • YouTube episode thumbnails for interviews and solo shows
  • Video livestream screens

This enabled the client and her team of virtual assistants to produce numerous video and social media graphics on their own with ease, while retaining high aesthetic standards.

Eduza social media graphics - LinkedIn Cover
Eduza social media graphics - YouTube episode thumbnail
Eduza social media brand identity - YouTube channel art

I had tremendous fun designing this brand identity, and so far Eduza’s audience reactions have been nothing but positive.

Listen to one of the founders sharing what her experience working on this project was like:

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