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The yearly sci-fi and fantasy convention Rikon, for which I’ve created the brand identity and many of the graphics over the years, was the host of the 2020 edition of Eurocon. Eurocon is the official European speculative fiction convention, and the host city is selected through a voting process.

I’ve been involved in the entire process of envisioning the convention concept and choosing the name Futuricon, bidding, branding, and creating promotional event graphics and other materials from 2016 until 2020.

Due to the global pandemic and related restrictions, the convention could no longer be a 1500+ person in-person event. The format of the event was changed to a hybrid model where the program was broadcast from the studio in Rijeka, and participants were able to watch the online live stream, in addition to a very limited live audience.

The convention logo was hand-lettered in the same style as the existing Rikon logo, with its characteristic letter “O” symbolizing a planetary ring.

The retro-futurist inspired vector illustration for promotional graphics features an imaginary view of the city of Rijeka, alongside the tall sculpture of a muscular man holding a rocket – the Shipbuilder. The Shipbuilder is based on the sculpture by Vinko Matković located at the entrance to the “3. Maj” shipyard. The sculpture was created and set in place in 1965. to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the liberation of Rijeka from the Fascist regime, which happened on May the 3rd 1945. The shipyard has been renamed in honor of this event.

Nowadays Rijeka’s industrial identity remains mostly aesthetic, with cultural events and organizations taking up residence in former factories. With these visuals we wanted to consider the future of Rijeka and its people, while giving a nod to our rich past. The Shipbuilder, proudly holding and observing their creation, is a symbol of ambitious and industrious people who will create a brighter future for our city.

Graphic design applications for this project included:

  • WordPress website theme with an integrated WooCommerce souvenir shop
  • Web banners and social media graphics
  • Social media graphics templates for the marketing team
  • Printed promotional bookmarks and pens
  • Screen-printed T-shirts
  • Direct-to-garment applications on T-shirts, face masks, and other souvenir items
  • Laser-cut plexiglass plaques for the European Science Fiction Society awards and Artefakt awards

Special thanks to Matija Djanesic who animated the illustration and the logo for the trailer and intro videos.

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