Virtual assistant agency logo & brand identity design

Go2human is a small agency offering premium VA services for clients who value quality work, reliability, and long-term partnership. The agency owner is an outspoken advocate for virtual assistants in Croatia, and has been working with international clients in individual VA capacity, before starting to offer a local match-making service for other VAs and clients. We created the new logo and an adaptable digital brand identity in preparation for launching the international branch of the agency.

Virtual assistant agency logo design color variants

Go2human services are designed for discerning clients that run growing businesses and require a reliable partner in order to grow further. The agency approach is humanistic, upbeat and relaxed, and we’re communicating it through this creative, playful, and simple brand identity.

Virtual assistant agency monogram icon design

I customized the letter “g” in the logo to represent the rubber duck symbol, which has become a recognizable souvenir that the agency sends their clients and partners, stemming from the problem-solving method called “rubber duck debugging”.

Virtual assistant agency brand style guide

Since the Go2human team is creating their own social media graphics in Canva, the brand system is simple and straight-forward, with optional decorative elements that can be used to highlight parts of text.

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