Conscious Business Coach & Author Brand Identity

The new brand, inspired by natural colors, textures, and imagery, strongly differentiates Sarah from other business coaches and highlights her humane approach.

HumaneGen Marketing logo with the tagline

Sarah Santacroce is the founder of the Humane Business Revolution, and brings a unique perspective to business that is holistic, humane, and gentle. She decided to change the name of her former brand to HumaneGen Marketing, and we set out to create the visuals that would strongly differentiate it from other business coaches and highlight her humane approach.

The new brand is inspired by natural colors, textures, and imagery. It balances the aesthetic qualities of gentleness and boldness, and creates a hopeful and humanistic atmosphere.

HumaneGen Marketing logo variants

In addition to the main logo, I designed the graphic symbols for the three themes: marketing, selling, and business. Each theme has a corresponding color palette.

HumaneGen Marketing product line icons

To avoid the sterile look of stock photography, the hand-crafted and humane atmosphere is further brought to life through a set of custom traditionally painted watercolor and pastel illustrations, which are used as backgrounds on various graphics and the website.

HumaneGen Marketing custom watercolor illustrations

Some of the graphics and templates I designed for this project include:

  • Coaching certification badges and community membership badges
  • Podcast art and episode art template
  • Social media quote templates
  • Presentation templates
  • Workbook covers
Coaching certification and membership badges designs
HumaneGen Marketing brand style guide
HumaneGen Marketing podcast and social media graphics

Thanks to the templates and original graphics I provided, Sarah and her team are able to create training materials and web graphics on their own, while honoring the established visual standards.

Listen to Sarah sharing what her experience working on this project was like:

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