Law firm logo & brand identity design

Incon Ltd is a Croatian maritime law consultancy. They serve clients in the public sector (cities, municipalities), port authorities and tourist destinations.

Incon logo design - inverse
Incon logo design

The Incon visual brand identity is corporate and modern. We’ve moved it away from the typical dry appearance common for attorneys, but it follows the standards and conventions of business communication. The symbol in the logo is an elegant, modern monogram consisting of the letters “INCON”.

Incon logo design - Monogram animation
I-N-C-O-N monogram

In addition to the logo design and branding guidelines, I’ve also applied the new brand identity on business cards, stationery, folders, document and presentation templates, office signage and decals.

Law firm brand identity design - stationery and documents
Folder, document templates and business card design
Law firm brand identity design - PowerPoint presentation template
PowerPoint presentation template
Law office decals design
Law office decals design

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