Istrian University logo & brand identity design

After two decades of activity, former Politechnic of Pula decided to shift their approach and rebrand themselves under a new name. The newly named Istrian University of Applied Sciences cultivates a strong regional identity based on the traditional colors and symbols of Istria.

Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Logo design

The logo with a white billy goat on a field of blue and green riffs on the official flag of the Region of Istria, but tradition is interpreted in a contemporary way to attract the attention of a young target audience: future students. The triangle in the logo and the triangular pattern used on print and digital applications is inspired by the characteristic shape of the Istrian peninsula, and the blue square symbolizes the Adriatic sea.

Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Logo construction grid
Symbol construction

The flexible logo system contains 17 logo variants so it can be applied to any surface and in any context, including the miniature favicon.

Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Logo color variants
Logo color variants
Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Letterhead, business card, folder and brochure design
Stationery and brochure samples
Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Branding guidelines
Brand identity guidelines

After designing the logo and brand identity guidelines, we continued working together on numerous printed and digital brand applications, including stationery, signage, document and presentation templates, apparel, brochures, posters, social media graphics, and website design.

Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Brochure design
First edition of promotional brochures
Istarsko veleuciliste brand identity - Apparel, flag and presentation

The client wanted to change the former tagline “Knowledge applicable immediately” into something that speaks more to the students’ sense of patriotism, and I came up with the dynamic tagline “Knowledge for our development” which through the use of web animation morphs into variations: “Knowledge for our agriculture”, “Knowledge for our production”, “Knowledge for our gastronomy”, “Knowledge for our tourism”, which reflect the key industry branches in Istria.

Istarsko veleuciliste website design
Istarsko veleuciliste website design - Illustrations
University program illustrations
Foil stamped logo on the university diploma tubes
Diploma tubes with the foil-stamped logo
Cover design of a university scientific papers anthology
Cover design of a scientific paper anthology
Graphic design of a university scientific paper anthology - interior pages
Interior pages design of a scientific paper anthology

After a few years, the client wanted to refresh their marketing materials. They wanted them to look more colorful and trendy, in order to appeal to the new generation of students. The original color palette already included a full range of colors, so I combined them in a different color scheme for each of the programs on their respective flyers and posters.

University engineering program flyer design
Flyer design for new engineering students
University gastronomy program flyer design
Flyer design for new gastronomy students
University engineering program poster design
Citilight poster design for new engineering students

Friend of the Sea Charter

In 2021, the University reached out to design a logo and identity of their new program that promotes ecology in the region of Istria. I designed the logo that fits within the existing brand identity and looks harmonious with the University logo.

Sea ecology logo design
Logo variants

In addition to the logo and the logo usage guidelines document, I also designed a few materials for print: the charter certificate which features recycled paper and metallic ink, as well as a roll-up banner.

Sea ecology charter certificate design
Charter document printed on recycled paper
University project rollup banner design