Logo & Brand Identity Design for an Environmental Organization

PEZ is a non-governmental organization that contributes to environmental protection, encouraging development of local community, and social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.

PEZ nonprofit association logo design with tagline

The logo and brand identity are friendly, playful and optimistic which are brand qualities that differentiate PEZ from other nonprofit organizations with the same focus in the region. The unique abstracted symbol blends the imagery of sunrise, palm, and links, all of which contribute to its deeper meaning. Thanks to this, we’ve managed to navigate away from the logo cliches that are common among environmentalist and humanitarian organizations.

PEZ nonprofit association logo design symbolism explanation

The initial brand identity applications included the business card, social media graphics, and a multi-lingual WordPress website, enriched with custom illustrations and surface patterns.

PEZ nonprofit association logo design - color variants
PEZ nonprofit association logo design - colorful variants
PEZ nonprofit association brand identity - print applications
Business cards and promo gifts
PEZ nonprofit association brand identity - Facebook cover design
Facebook cover graphic
PEZ nonprofit association WordPress website design
WordPress website design
PEZ nonprofit association brand identity - surface pattern design
Surface pattern design

Here’s what the client says about their experience of working with me on this project (emphasis mine):

I needed a visual solution and a website for our non-governmental organization. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted the logo to look like or what aspects to consider when creating it. I was concerned with whether I knew how to verbalize what I thought was important to me, and whether I would be able to answer any questions that were relevant to getting the job done.

We chose Nela above all because we are familiar with her work, and we felt that she was the best choice given the focus of our association. Nela has an artistic flair in her work, and that’s what we wanted for our organization and its visual brand identity.

The collaboration experience was great. Nela is very disciplined, dedicated, responsible and creative. For those aspects that we didn’t even consider important, yet turned out to be very important, Nela pulled what was needed out of us. She created a great brand identity and a simple and beautiful website. She extracted everything she needed from our heads to come up with a creative solution for our association. She understood what we wanted and the essence of our work, and she portrayed it with visuals.

We liked that Nela listened to our suggestions and respected our wishes, even though the client (we) often doesn’t know how complicated some things are, and how difficult it is to translate some things from theory into practice. However, no matter what we wanted, easy or complex, Nela tried her best to satisfy our wishes. We really liked Nela’s discipline, honesty, responsibility, simplicity and creativity in her approach. Communication was easy and effective, and we quickly got to an agreement.

We are very pleased. We have something tangible. We look forward to sharing our activities on our website. We consider the site and the brand identity to be the first step forward, and it has given us a kick in the rear to move forward.

We would absolutely work with Nela again! We would recommend her services to anyone who wants to create a brand identity and a website, especially if we are talking about the NGO sector and those who have a penchant for artistic expression.

Ana Marković

Founder of PEZ