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This playful logo and visual identity represents a travel brand that attracts audiences eager to explore, have fun, and learn through solving puzzles.

In addition to the logo and the basic brand style guide, I drew an illustration inspired by the mystical side of Zagreb and designed a flyer for the free game Ghosts & Dragons Self-Guided Quest.

This is what the client says about her experience of working with me on this project:

I follow Nela’s projects and I know that she’s a professional and that she can find a great solution for any project. What I like the most is the shift in her creations from “generic” design, combined with unprecedented professionalism.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who manages the creative process so clearly – their own and the clients’ process. When we collaborated a few years ago, I can’t describe how much I learned from her approach and how much it helped me in my own work. Setting expectations and realistic deadlines, exchanging questionnaires, cooperation…

We’ve laid the foundation for the development of Playful Croatia as a brand at the right time. We’ve also created an attractive and imaginative flyer that fulfills the function of an advertisement and has a useful function for visitors. We have solved the issue of usability in the best way.

I would definitely work with Nela again and recommend her services to others.

Iva Silla

Founder of Playful Croatia and Secret Zagreb

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