Engineering company logo & brand identity redesign

PROECO International Ltd is an engineering company that operates on projects worldwide, mainly as a subcontractor of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies. After a decade of successful work, the client decided to refresh their brand identity.

Engineering company logo design

The client wanted to distinguish the company from their Italian partner more clearly, but without changing the name. We decided to evolve the logo in order to provide a stronger point of distinction, while retaining some of the most recognizable elements of the old identity: the dark blue color and the geometric sans serif typography.

Engineering company logo design - old and new logo

The new icon represents sunrise and upward progress. In a single-color variant, the gap between the outer circle and the inner section ensures clarity.

Engineering company logo design - icon variants

Brand identity applications for this engineering company include business cards, document templates, work apparel, and social media graphics.

Engineering company brand identity design - business cards and stationery
Engineering company brand identity design - presentation document
Engineering company brand identity design - work uniform
Engineering company brand identity design - social media graphics

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