Matchmaking Platform Logo & Brand Identity Design

The University of Rijeka Regional Innovation Matchmaking Platform (RIMAP) was launched in January 2021 with a temporary design. Soon after the launch, the client recognized the need for a more professional and polished presentation in hope of attracting more organizations and researchers to register and use the platform’s features.

Matchmaking Platform logo design

The new polygonal logo is an evolution of the previous logo concept, representing the electronic “brain” (artificial intelligence) and its connections, signifying collaboration between science researchers, businesses, and various organizations through the matchmaking algorithm. It features an animation that is used as a “loading” graphic across the website, and may also be used in video and other digital applications.

RIMAP animated logo design
RIMAP logo brand identity guidelines

The website structure is based on the previous design, with an updated color palette, typography, icons, photography treatment, and decorative elements. I provided the visual design and responsive HTML/CSS templates, while the development team reproduced the design across the application.

RIMAP website responsive design
RIMAP website design

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