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Sagape is a hospitality consultancy owned by Sanja Krmpotic, focused on helping restaurant and hotel owners to improve their client experience by providing education, consulting, and hands-on support.

The dominant aesthetic qualities of the logo, typography and color palette are elegant, sophisticated, bold, and friendly. The smile is chosen as the Sagape logo mark because it communicates hospitality, friendliness, and cheerful mood in all the languages of the world. The lips are also the center of the sense of taste (which signifies gastronomy), and they communicate passion and emotions which are visible on the faces of people who enjoy their work. The color palette is inspired by the Mediterranean food and wine.

In addition to designing the logo and brand identity guidelines, I also designed the business cards, letterhead templates, and WordPress website theme.

Here’s what the client says about their experience of working with me on this project (emphasis mine):

I started a business and needed a website that would provide a more professional and competent presentation to clients. My biggest concern was choosing the right person for the project in terms of professionalism, achieving the desired result, support and pleasant cooperation, with a fair financial investment.

I decided to work with Nela based on the recommendation of a competent person, an excellent first personal and professional impression, and a reasonable fee.

Collaboration with Nela was excellent, professional, and very enjoyable, based on mutual trust. Any worries and anxieties were short-lived, thanks to her continued support, respect for agreements, and a refined sense of communication and respect for the client.

Compared to my previous experiences with similar services, Nela provides better support and secure guidance in resolving professional issues, subtly clarifying vague desires her clients have. It saved me time, because there was no worry or need to further check that what we’ve agreed on was completed.

I am extremely pleased with the result of the project. Since my business is still in early stages, it’s too early to judge the impact of my website, but it gives me a sense of greater professionalism in approaching clients.

I would definitely collaborate with Nela again, because of her professionalism, support, respecting agreements, pleasant cooperation and personality, a sense of confidence in her professional competence, and a refined sense of pleasant communication and attitude. I’m very happy to recommend her work because of my excellent experience and the results of our collaboration.

Sanja Krmpotić

Hospitality consultant at Sagape

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