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Silver Lime Café is a board game café in Manchester (UK), aimed toward an audience of younger adults who recognize the value of simple, analogue time with friends, away from a busy, and sometimes troubling world. The café is open toward experienced gamers, as well as those who are new to them, and welcomes a diverse clientele of various ages.

As one of the first steps in preparation to opening the venue, we crafted a professional visual brand identity, including the hand-lettered logo design, WordPress website, as well as an initial selection of marketing materials to ensure a great first impression the audience has with the venue.

The brand identity of the company is fun, friendly, natural, fresh, cool and clean. It veers away from a juvenile, childish aesthetic and presents itself as a venue for grown-ups who wish to stay in touch with their playful side. The unique letter design in the café title is carefully balanced between an elegant script and a chunky italic type that has a more informal and friendly feeling.

The surface pattern design consists of recognizable tabletop gaming elements: the playing cards, dice, pawns and meeple, and is used throughout the marketing materials, stationery and the café interior.

Here’s what the client says about the process of working on this visual brand identity (emphasis mine):

I needed a logo and branding for my new cafe business. I had considered doing it myself, but concluded that although I could create something for free from the internet it was probably not going to be of the quality or have the impact I wanted. I considered it too risky leaving something as fundamental as this to chance.

I chose Nela because her website presented her as someone who was knowledgeable and experienced, and her artwork demonstrated that she was clearly talented in the field. But ultimately it came down to a face and a character I knew I would be able to trust. She was more expensive than some other designers appeared to be but I felt sure I would be getting what I paid for if I went with them.

The experience of working with Nela was great! She was friendly, helpful, patient. Her instructions and requests were clear. She encouraged a dialogue and valued feedback and opinions. She answered queries and questions. She helped with various aspects of tech and gave advice on some of the wider considerations and implications of the project.

I think the best thing for me was feeling a valued part of the creative process, helping to make something that I could be proud of and be happy with.

I found the creation, bit by bit, of it all satisfying. Seeing all the different elements come together, from ideas to initial concepts to tweaked versions to the application across all the different formats. I’m absolutely delighted with the results, and I think it’s telling that other people in the business have noted the logo is clearly the work of a professional.

Nela provides an excellent service and I would definitely consider engaging her again for another project when the need arises. I’d recommend her to anyone needing a logo/branding for a new or existing business. She’s been brilliant to work with.

Ian Daniel Taylor

Owner of Silver Lime Café Ltd

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