Intuitive Coach Logo & Brand Identity Design

Nives is an intuitive & success coach dedicated to helping women to embrace positive life changes and find solutions through their own intuitive guidance.

In order to launch her new coaching business, we set out on a branding journey together and developed a strategy and a cohesive brand that presents her intention, personality, and values through all her digital channels.

Logo design for an intuitive coach symbolizing the goddess Isis

The logo mark represents the Egyptian goddess Isis, and features her characteristic symbols: the ibis wings, and the horned Sun headdress. Typography is customized to include a detail of temple columns on each side.

We arrived at the tagline “Your throne awaits!” during our brand strategy consulting session, and felt it fit her brand perfectly because of the urging and optimistic call to action.

Logo design for an intuitive coach inspired by the goddess Isis – color variants
Logo design composition and color variants

Logo is available in gold and violet variants to ensure legibility on different colored backgrounds. Each color variant is following the rule that the face must be lighter than eyes and lips.

Intuitive Coach Brand Identity Design: Brand style guide
Brand style guide

Nives wanted her brand identity to appear feminine, luxurious, playful, relaxed, traditional, mystical and natural. The color palette and typography, as well as additional decorative graphics used throughout the website and other channels, are combined to communicate these qualities.

Intuitive Coach Brand Identity Design: Social media graphics (Facebook)
Facebook graphics
Intuitive Coach Brand Identity Design: Social media graphics
Social media post Canva templates

I provided the social media graphics and business documentation as Canva templates so that Nives and her team can create posts and documents independently.

Coaching brand identity documentation – invoice and presentation template design
Invoice and presentation Canva templates

WordPress website design

After completing the brand identity project, we moved onto the website. During the content strategy consulting session we determined the website structure and created a basic outline of the content. The client then collaborated with a copywriter to write the content in two languages.

The website colors, typography, textures, photography, and icon styles continue to tell tell the brand story we determined in the brand strategy and style guide.

WordPress website design for an intuitive coach
WordPress website home page.
Photography by Anna Gaspotic

Here’s what the client said about our collaboration:

I had a vision and was looking for someone to translate it into my brand and website. I wanted it to be professionally done and to fully convey the idea and vision of my brand. I felt like I was searching in the dark, because you can’t know if you’ve found the right person before you see the final product. I chose Nela because her website conveyed the message of professionalism, organization and expertise, while also being imaginatively designed, which is exactly what I was looking for.

I was pleasantly surprised by Nela’s positive energy and her attitude that speaks without words: don’t worry, everything is fine, we’re going in the right direction, just relax, you’re in good hands.

I feel very positive about the results of this project. My first reaction was “wow” – I was amazed with the final result.

I would work with Nela again because I know I’ll get exactly what I want (if not more), due to her personal approach and positive energy, expertise, punctuality and previous positive experience. I would recommend this service to anyone, and perhaps especially to people who are involved in some kind of art, because I think Nela can very successfully translate someone’s vision into website design.

Nives Radan
Nives Radan
Intuitive coach & founder of Templum Est