Psychotherapist logo & brand identity

Therapist logo design

The logo and visual identity of the psychotherapy practice Therapycon communicates the benefits of psychotherapy for realizing one’s full potential and developing harmonious relationships with others in a friendly way.

I proposed the dandelion seed motif as a trademark because of its many positive characteristics and cultural significance. Despite its modest “weed” status, dandelion is an edible and medicinal plant. Its seeds spread easily and grow despite difficult conditions. In the Greek myth, the hero Theseus ate dandelions to give him the strength for his journey through the maze and meeting with the Minotaur. Because of all this, the dandelion is considered a symbol of happiness, growth, hope, optimism, health, endurance, and strength.

Therapist brand identity - style guide

The blue color that dominates the visual identity represents a clear sky, as the backdrop of dandelion seeds floating in the wind.

In addition to the logo design, I also created an essential style guide and social media graphics templates.

Therapist brand identity - social media graphics
Therapist brand identity - social media graphics