Open source project logo design

Triglav is an open source project dedicated to improving OpenStreetMaps in Croatia. Currently it offers public transit routes for several Croatian cities.

Triglav logo design - color and monochrome variants
Full color and monochromatic logo variants

Triglav is the name of a mountain with three peaks, literally meaning “three headed”. The logo colors are inspired by the mountain at dusk, silhouetted against the dark sky, with warm sunlight reflecting off the slopes.

The simplified monochrome version is provided when there are color or size limitations.

Triglav logo design - icons and alternative logo composition
Icon closeups and alternate logo composition
Triglav brand identity style guide
Brand identity style guide

A basic brand identity style guide is provided to ensure appropriate logo usage. The color palette includes the basic brand colors, as well as additional app interface colors (like error and success messages).

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