Logo Design for a Holistic Health Coach

Wild Woman Spirit logo designWild Moon Spirit logo design

Logo design for a holistic and integrative health coach that helps women connection with their body, sensuality, and intuition.

The client wanted a logo that portrays “the wild woman who lives inside each of us, our inner goddess and feminine power expressed”. The logo also had to imply a transformation that the women go through during the coaching process, and the symbol of a woman transforming into a wolf immediately came to my mind.

You can see the process of making this logo from sketch to finish in my blog post Case study: Wild Moon Spirit logo design process.

What my client says about her experience…

“Nela was fabulous to work with! I had a general idea of the direction I wanted to go in with my logo when we started working together, but nothing concrete. I sent her some images I liked and tried to describe the feeling I was going for, but felt like all my guidance was pretty vague. Somehow, she was able to take my vague guidance and turn it into an image that was not only exactly what I had in mind, but was even better than anything I could have imagined! I was blown away at her creativity.

She even thought of hand painting the background in watercolor to give the image the organic and soft look I was hoping for. Nela made the entire process of designing my logo really fun. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Nadia Setzer

Owner of Wild Woman Journeys

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