Winter by Nela Dunato

The first sketch of this illustration dates back to December 2013 (followed by sketches for Spring and Autumn).

Then December 2014 came and I wanted to send a greeting card, but I didn’t have an fitting artworks to use. Then I remembered this idea and decided to use it. (That’s why I always talk that you should note all your ideas in sketchbooks).

A note on my process: the original was first painted in watercolor on 18x24cm 300gsm cold press watercolor paper. Then I took the scan into Photoshop and painted over the original to add more contrast and soften some transitions. I also added textures from my other artworks to the background to give it an icy feel.

I quite like how this turned out, and I will probably complete the entire “seasons” series in the same manner to get the best out of both (traditional and digital) worlds.

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