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Short Biography

Nela Dunato is a visual communications designer from Croatia. She has 18 years of experience building brands and digital platforms. She’s the owner of a boutique branding consultancy Nela Dunato Art & Design that brings beauty, humanity, values-driven strategy, and resonant meaning into the brands of expert consultants and authentic leaders.

She’s the author of the book “The Human Centered Brand”, a practical guide that teaches service based business owners and creatives how to create an authentic brand and grow meaningful relationships with their clients.

Her imaginative surreal art has been exhibited across Europe and the United States, appeared on the covers of books and music albums, and received several awards. Currently she creates art for her own pleasure and well-being, and inspires people to embrace creative self-expression as a regular practice.

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Nela Dunato, author of The Human Centered Brand


My core topics include branding, design, creative business, and personal creativity. I provided sample questions for each topic, and some of them lead to my articles where you can learn more.



Creative business


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