Nela’s Letters to creative, quirky & ambitious folks

The society we live in is not very nurturing towards creatives who are walking their own path. One thing I’ve learned in 20 years of creating for a living is that it’s so much easier when you’re surrounded by people who get you.

The purpose of my letters is to offer real, honest, no-hype encouragement and advice to people who are pursuing a creative career, while also trying their best to stay healthy and sane.

  • We don’t “hustle” or abuse our bodies in the name of success.
  • We don’t give in to the manipulation or the pressure from “gurus” to earn 6 figures by next week.
  • We don’t shy away from difficult conversations and unsavory feelings.
  • We don’t compromise on the beauty, quality, and value of our creations.
  • We work hard, but we make it as fun & creative as humanly possible.

If you agree with all this, you’ll probably enjoy my letters.

To see what you can expect, browse around my blog and see if you like my writing style and if the topics I cover are interesting to you.

Here’s just a small selection of the kind and beautiful words people have offered in response to my letters:

“Just a general thank you, for your regular newsletters. I am a person with some creative skills who feels stuck and sad. But I find your generosity with sharing your inner and outer journey inspiring and gives a small glimmer of hope. I don’t throw compliments around lightly like a lot of people do, but you truly deserve great things in this life. Your true sincerity shines through all the pitfalls of digital age confusion.”

I have to commend you and thank you for your wonderful writing!

You really are a master, you’ve put it wonderfully and truly said the most important things, and provided the best ways to solve it, without exaggerating! […]

I see you have a great understanding of this and I’m happy that the World can hear your wisdom, you smart, talented woman!

Congratulations, and…
keep on rocking!!!”

“Hey Nela
Thank you so much for your… sanity.
I so enjoy reading your newsletter/posts.
Whenever one shows up in my inbox, I smile.”

“Thanks for your writing, I really like it. I feel like you get me. Also very good advice for actual design :)”

Messages like these make me even more motivated to be a voice of sanity and comfort for people who are struggling and want to make their creative dreams come true.

I have a pile of resources and a huge library of content I’ve created over the past years that I’d like to share with you.

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My letter schedule varies anywhere from twice a month to once a quarter because I’m a human, not a robot.

Occasionally I’ll offer my services or products for sale, in an ethical and non-pushy manner. Even if you never buy anything, I still appreciate you.

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